Two Chubbas Story

Hello, I am Rachel Gwen May. I'm an illustrator based in Birmingham, United Kingdom and the creator of Two Chubbas, which I run all by myself! I do all the designing, admin work, customer services, printing (with the exception of badges which I design and then get made professionally else where). As well as all the packing and posting.
My illustrations are available on greeting cards, prints, coasters, phone cases and badges! Which I sell on this website and my through my etsy shop.

Two Chubbas has become a big part of my life, I love fulfilling orders and creating illustrations to pop on new products. It is my dream to one day branch out to more homeware products as well as clothing. 

Animals and nature are my biggest inspiration. I love animals and I love drawing them. I grew up in the countryside. As family we would go on walks through woodlands and fields and along the canal. We had a big garden full of chickens, one duck and one goose (who were best friends), quail ( I use to love to sit in the aviary with them), guinea pigs and a cat and dog. My next door neighbours owned three goats too and I always loved going down to the bottom of the garden to try and get glimpses of them. 

Where possible I do my best to stay as environmentally friendly as I can. I reuse boxes from suppliers for any wholesale orders, I keep off cuts of paper - these are great to bind multiple cards together for big orders and I use FSC approved bubble padded envelopes. 
Most recently I have begun to use recycled envelopes for each greeting card as well as biodegradable display bags to keep both the envelope and card safe during its journey in the post! I now also offer the option for buyers to choose whether their card comes naked or in the biodegradable display bag. 

I'm always eager for new stockists, so please get in touch if you would like to stock my products in your shop. 

Thanks again for stopping by my shop & I hope you love all the products as much as I loved designing them!

All the best,

Rachel Gwen May

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